Find competent staff
Publish vacancies, demonstrate the working spirit in a team, share your corporate values.
Tell about your social initiatives
Implement your social projects:

- find like-minded fellows and partners;

- get new fans of your brand that will become your clients.

Win the trust of your audience
People don`t trust advertisements no longer. They trust the real people. Tell the world about your business, about successes and oddities, share secrets - be closer to people to win their trust for your brand.
Sell via stories
Sell via stories Increase your brand status in stories. Share your stories in a blog. Get orders directly from the blog.
Build a sales funnel
1. Collect a subscriber base.

2. Gradually bring the values of your product to people.

3. Catch the moment and lead them to purchase.

4. Get new customers.

Get acquainted with your customers
Arrange polls and make discussions in the comments - let people tell about themselves. This is the best way to learn more about those who buy from you in order to sell even more.
Learn more about your business
Get feedback from your customers, find out what they like best about your brand and business, what they expect from you and what is to be improved.
Inform about something important in a proper time

Plan release time of your publications. You can create several posts in advance and arrange the time they will be published. Create publications with a time-limited term. For short-term promotional activities, you can specify the expiration date for visibility of publication, so that your blog is always relevant to readers.

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